Pitching A Perfect Game- Commonwealth v. AC- NOT GUILTY

Monday, April 9th, 2012 was the Philadelphia Phillies opener. With great expectations of a championship season, the parking lots were opened early and packed with people partying in anticipation of the opening pitch. Viewing this as an opportunity to catch underage drinkers, undercover officers were out in force to arrest under age drinkers. With a massive arrest of over twenty people, AC decided to plead not guilty after speaking with her attorney, Zac Shaffer, even though every other person cited in her group of friends plead guilty. Though the charges were minor compared to almost everything else the firm handles, Mr. Shaffer still took the case seriously. Hard work and meticulous preparation paid off as usual. After hearing the Commonwealth’s witnesses and testimony from Mr. Shaffer’s witnesses, the court came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict.