Motion to Suppress- GRANTED! Commonwealth v. DH

Mr. Montoya assembled a brilliant legal argument for a motion to suppress for his client in front of the Honorable Diana Anhalt. After his client was stopped making an illegal traffic move while driving a rental car, officers began to search his vehicle. Officers found a bag that had a heavy metallic object in the back. After feeling the bag they were able to ascertain that it was a firearm. Mr. Montoya’s client, a convicted felon, was arrested pursuant to Pennsylvania’s tough gun laws. For the lead charge alone of VUFA 6105, his client was looking at up to 10 years incarceration. Despite the Commonwealth’s best effort, Mr. Montoya was able to craft an argument that led the judge to a decision in the firm’s favor: motion to suppress the evidence granted. Though we are still awaiting the Commonwealth’s potential appeal to Superior Court, we are confident that they will have to withdraw prosecution due to the successful motion.