Commonwealth v. TW- Tag Team!

TW fue acusado de posesión con intención de distribuir cocaína crack y la conspiración. En la audiencia preliminar el Sr.. Montoya representó TW y fue capaz de obtener el cargo de conspiración descargada. At an informative confidential informant motion, Sr.. Shaffer was able to receive additional helpful facts. Finding out that the police never saw TW exchange any drugs during two separate days where the confidential informant sold drugs was vital. When the police executed the search warrant on the third day they found TW in the living room with the buy money from the sale to the confidential informant and over $400 in small bills. The co-defendant was represented by a public defender and demanded a jury. Sr.. Shaffer pushed to go straight to trial, pero el fiscal dijo que querían mantener a los casos juntos. Sr.. Shaffer was able to successfully litigate a motion to sever the cases and a trial was conducted for TW. The end result was as expected, NO CULPABLE de todos los cargos.