Commonwealth v. J.G. – NG!

J.G. fue arrestado y acusado de robo, asalto agravado, and other theft charges. The charges stemmed from his ex-girlfriend who told police that J.G. and his current fiancée had beat her using their fists and kicked her when she was on the ground. The complainant suffered various injuries to her face and a broken leg. She also accused J.G. de tomar su bolso con sus tarjetas de crédito, money and cell phone. Using surgical precision, Sr.. Montoya was able to highlight several inconsistencies in her story through his cross examination. He also elicited testimony that when seen in totality made complainant’s version not very credible. He also prepped and presented a witness who rebutted the complainant’s version of events. During his closing Mr. Montoya fue capaz de convencer al tribunal de que las pruebas no eran suficientes para sostener el caso de la Comunidad. El tribunal estuvo de acuerdo y se encontró J.G.. no culpable de todos los cargos.