Commonwealth v. CV- New Lawyer, Nuevo Juicio, Nueva Resultado!

CV había sido representado por otro abogado de otra firma en un juicio anterior, donde fue declarado culpable. Con el Sr.. Shaffer’s help she was able to have a new trial.
CV was arrested by police after getting into a fight with her sister’s ex best friend while at Copabanana in University City. The complaining witness stated that CV blocked her from exiting the premises and that she punched her several times in the face resulting in her blacking out and her brother dragging her out of the bar. She woke up with a broken orbital bone and severe injuries to her face which required her to go to the hospital. On cross examination Mr. Shaffer was able to crush the complaining witness’s credibility questioning why the hospitalization wasn’t immediate, why the police weren’t called right away and why UPenn or Bar security didn’t stop the fight. He further backed this up when his client took the stand and told an entirely different story where the complaining witness was the aggressor.
In closing argument Mr. Shaffer pointed out the lack of testimony from the complaining witness’s brother who dragged her from the bar and his client’s own character evidence. After hearing both lawyers, the judge agreed with Mr. Shaffer ‘s argument and came back with a verdict of not guilty on all charges.