Commonwealth v. S.C. – Not Guilty

S.C. was charged with aggravated assault on a Philadelphia police officer.  The officer had sustained a broken hand and suffered injury to his forehead from being head ­butted by S.C.  The officer related that during a routine patrol they observed S.C. and others smoking in front of a Chinese store.  They directed the group to move away an drove around the block.  Upon returning S.C. was still standing there leading the officers to stop to investigate.  During their investigation they alleged S.C. became unruly and was taken into custody.  S.C. sustained injuries to his head and was transported to the hospital. When they arrived S.C. head­ butted the officer and caused the officers hand to break during the ensuing incident.  However Mr. Montoya was able to illuminate numerous inconsistencies in the Officer’s story through cross examination.  He also presented evidence that established the officers escalated the incident. After closing arguments  the court agreed with Mr. Montoya’s persuasive arguments and found S.C. not guilty of all charges.