Commonwealth v. NG- Creative Victory

NG was arrested for allegedly brutally pistol-whipping his mother’s boyfriend, LB, during a family dispute. NG was able to post bail. While awaiting trial NG was arrested on witness intimidation charges against LB with bail set at $200,000, which he was unable to post.

At this point Mr. Shaffer became involved with the cases and filed a bail reduction motion. He was able to get NG sign on bail and his freedom. While waiting for trial on both matters, NG was arrested for attempted murder, aggravated assault and firearms charges in an incident where LB allegedly had a confrontation with NG and was shot at. NG’s bail on the attempted murder charge was $2,000,000. NG was unable to post bail as he didn’t have $200,000 sitting around handily. That didn’t matter as Mr. Shaffer filed yet another bail reduction motion for NG. Mr. Shaffer was able to persuade the judge by showing LB’s long history of convictions, egregious inconsistencies in his stories, and multiple open cases where LB was the complaining witness. After argument the judge agreed to sign on bail with the condition of house arrest.

While waiting trial on these matters LB was arrested for lying to the police and steering them to the wrong suspects during the homicide investigation of Amber Long. The DA on the first two cases nolle prossed her charges based on prosecutorial discretion. A few short weeks afterwards, the attempted murder charge was withdrawn based on prosecutorial discretion and NG was freed from house arrest as all charged had been dropped.

Justice was served for all parties.


Here is the article about LB and the homicide investigation.