Commonwealth v. MP – New Trial Granted!

MP was charged with serious felonies and another lawyer litigated her case. In addition to looking at jail time, MP was also facing deportation and losing her children through a bitter custody battle. During the trial the original lawyer missed several key points which may have led to MP’s exoneration. Instead of exoneration, MP suffered evisceration when her original counsel’s representation led her to a conviction. Custody, deportation and incarceration stared her in the face and MP turned to Montoya Shaffer for extraordinary assistance. Even though the trial was already over,  Mr. Montoya “refused to lose” and filed a motion with the court seeking a new trial based on ineffective assistance of counsel. Due to his extensive experience and keen insight, he was able to pinpoint various critical errors made by the original attorney which may have exonerated MP. Though the commonwealth litigated their hardest arguments to keep MP from seeking justice at a new trial, Mr. Montoya successfully convinced the judge that justice hadn’t been met. The judge agreed and granted MP a new trial based on Mr. Montoya’s motion.