Commonwealth v. JB – Not Guilty!

JB was charged with her third DUI offense carrying a minimum mandatory one year of incarceration in state custody. JB had seen several lawyers and they all told her she had to apply for treatment court and plead guilty because she had no shot at trial. A state trooper was responding to the scene of an accident when he came upon JB’s wrecked vehicle which had smashed into another car. JB rushed up to the trooper’s vehicle and told him she was driving and that she was drunk. The trooper’s video recorder mounted to his vehicle picked up everything from the front of his vehicle. Never afraid of a challenge, Mr. Shaffer took the case on anyway as JB was just covering for someone else who had actually been driving. Despite the trooper’s video evidence, client’s statement, and JB’s high BAC blown from a breathalyzer, Mr. Shaffer was able to convince the judge that the Commonwealth had not met its burden beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge agreed as JB was found not guilty of all charges.