Commonwealth v. H.G. – N.G.

After a recent trial Mr. Montoya was able to convince the court that H.G was not guilty of all charges. H.G. was arrested by Philadelphia police and charged with drug distribution charges. The police officers testified that they saw H.G. and his co-defendant go to the alley and retrieve drugs, returning to the street to make several transactions. Subsequently the co-defendant walked to the corner and returned running. The running allegedly alerting H.G. who walked to a house on the block. The officer was on surveillance stated that H.G. left the unknown location without his hoody and walked away with a female. He was arrested and police recovered $1.00 and no drugs on his person. Nothing was found in the alleyway. During his cross examination Mr. Montoya was able to highlight the officer’s lack of vision and unable to confirm what house H.G. went into. The officer also stated that he saw no exchanges of money between H.G. and the co-defendant. Upon the conclusion of the trial, Mr. Montoya highlighted the weaknesses in the Commonwealth’s case including the money that did not add up to selling drugs. The court agreed and found H.G. not guilty of all charges.