Commonwealth v. D.B. – Tainted Testimony

D.B. Was charged with the most heinous crime of all, raping his own child. After several years in custody, Mr. Shaffer became involved with the case and filed a “taint hearing.” At the taint hearing he was able to expose that the child’s testimony regarding the event was completely fabricated and tainted due to her mother’s animosity toward her father. He further showed that animosity by bringing up multiple protection from abuse claims that were brought up by the mother and ultimately dismissed by other judges. On the stand he was able to get the complainant to admit that she had no memory of the event until her mother said that it happened to her by reading a DHS letter with detailed allegations. Both counsels stipulated that DHS does not send detailed allegation letters. After mercilessly exposing the weaknesses in the Commonwealth’s case, the prosecution decided to nolle prosse all charges. After several years in custody with other counsel, Mr. Shaffer was able to free DB in a matter of months.