Commonwealth v. A.T. Withdrawn Plea and Not Guilty!

After the commonwealth withdrew a guilty plea offer, Mr. Montoya successfully tried A.T.’s case, exonerating A.T. of intimidating two witnesses. A.T. was accused of confronting the complainant and her friend and threatening to shoot them if they were the reason that the police had arrested his friend. The complainant testified that the threat was such that she became frightened and denied any involvement in the arrest. She further testified that A.T. punched her friend when he tried to help her. With his cross examination Mr. Montoya was able to create and highlight gaping inconsistencies in her testimony, establishing that her friend was not even a witness to any crime or party to the case involving A.T. After his closing argument the Court agreed with his assessment and found A.T. not guilty on two counts of intimidating a witness.