Commonwealth of PA v. W.W. – Not Guilty!

Attorney Zachary C. Shaffer successfully defended his client against felony charges including receiving stolen property and fleeing police. Officers testified that they saw WW riding on an unauthorized stolen dirt bike in excess of 50 MPH. They began to give chase and saw an individual turn and look at them. They were 100% sure the individual on the bike was WW. During the pursuit the bike rider crashed and fled down a street. The first officer testified that he pursued him on foot. The second officer testified that he pursued WW in the vehicle and eventually wore him down. This was just the start of their conflicting statements. Mr. Shaffer eviscerated the officers on cross, exploiting their inconsistent testimony and lack of information that would normally have been included in their official police paper work. To further ensure that his client was exonerated, Mr. Shaffer called two alibi witnesses who stated that they saw WW walk down the street, sit down on a stoop and have a 3-5 minute conversation. Not content with this already strong evidence, Mr. Shaffer even found the actual individual who had been on the bike and convinced him to come into court to testify over strenuous objection from his 5th amendment counsel. Despite a hard fought battle by the prosecution, justice was served and WW was found not guilty of all charges!